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Removal Process of Oil & Greasel from Machineries - ALUSIL

We have ALUSIL for adsorption of Oil/Color/Smell  from water or without water or solvents.
A. ALUSIL ALUSIL is cheap and it can workable in absence of water for removal of oil and grease. It can be use for hand wash and machinery cleaning.
B. Active ALUSIL Characteristics : Our ALUSIL is fine powder and capacity to adsorb the oil up to 40% ( For oil adsorption from water surface it will take 20-30 min or less, depends on oil quantity) also same way it can adsorb color and smell from water depending on the amount or organic matter present.

Just spread the powder on surface of water, The powder is remain on the surface of water and adsorb the oil from the water surface. While adsorption of oil from the water surface, silica become lumpy and try to settle onto bottom and water surface become clean. It can  be collect the lumpy silica and disposed or incinerate the adsorbed  oil. ALUSIL is noting but Active SiO2 and is just like  sand so it  is non-hazardous. Packing 25 kg HDPE bag. Just we can send you 5 kg of material  for trial if you required. ALUSIL is some what costly but it is very use full for oil adsorption from water-surface. Normal silica can not work in the presence of water but it has been activated in a such a way that it can work in presence of water and it will remained on the surface of water till adsorption of oil. The application is very specific, just try one sample and see the results.  we ensure that  you will come out quickly from this oil spread problem. For bulk requirement price will be negotiated.

After use silica is used for land filling and for incineration depend on presence of oil or in some cases it can be recycle.

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